Banggood DIY Craft Cord Yarn Natural White Cotton Cordfor Wall Hanging Tools

Description:DIY Craft Cord Yarn Natural White Cotton Cordfor Wall Hanging ToolsCaractéristiques:Nom du produitDIY Craft Cord YarnCouleurRaw wood/colorMatérielWoodCraftHand grinding/polishingTaper1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6TailleComme limageQuangtity1 Set × DIY Craft Cord YarnCaractéristiques:- Traditional handicrafts, multiple knits, clear grain and a soft and supple strand of organic cotton, with which you can work wonderfully.- Cotton yarn is very long and thick enough to achieve high strength. It is soft but much more durable than conventional strings. Packed in the form of a coil, it doesn‘t get tangled and you can cut it to any length.- Easy to use: the cotton yarn is supplied with accessories. You can decorate the interior to your own liking and use this fun and simple crafting technique to make pearl jewelry such as bracelets by creating a charming door curtain with pearls, beaded animals, or creating wall hangings with vibrant patterns.Emballage inclus:Taper 1:50 xPerles en bois de 12 mm5 x Perles de 15 mm * 39 mm6 xBague en bois de 50 mm6 xBague en bois de 40 mm6 xBague en bois de 30 mm2 xBâton de 150 mm * 100 mmTaper 2:1 xBâton de 150 mm * 100 mm1 x(3 mm * 100 m) fil de coton 2 xBague en bois de 70 mm2 xPerle en bois de 40 mm2 xBague en bois de 50 mm10 x20mm Octagon beadsTaper 3:1 x(3 mm * 100 m) fil de coton 4 x (100*10)mm Wooden stick5 x7cm Wood ring7 x Anneaux en bois colorés de 35 mm10 xBague en bois de 5 cm10 xBague en bois de 25 mm100 xPerles de fleurs de 10 mmTapez 4 :1

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